​My paintings are an exploration of light and its relationship to color. In many of my still lifes, light passes through translucent objects, making them appear to glow from the inside. I am fascinated by the textures and tiny details of the inanimate objects that fill the world that I live in, and my work is often very detailed. I am frequently drawn to depict natural objects with delicate and organic lines. I am also fascinated by glowing lights. In addition to painting on traditional surfaces, I have recently begun to paint on light panels that I construct. These panels have plexiglass surfaces and contain tiny low-heat LEDs. The backs of the panels reflect the light. When I paint with oils on my plexiglass light panels, the light glows through the paintings like stained glass, giving the brushstrokes increased visibility and creating intense vibrant colors.


For me, painting is a way of sharing. I want to share with others an awed appreciation for the small, beautiful things in life. When I notice a line, a shape, a texture, or a color that enthralls me and demands my attention, I reproduce my experience of it in a painting so that others can experience it as I did. I want to share with others the soft, warm, spellbinding marvel of light. Light can transform ordinary objects, giving them extraordinary beauty. As the photographer Trent Parke said, “I am forever chasing light. Light turns the ordinary into the magical.”  

© 2017 by Rebecca Giles.