Red Sunrise

I went to the beach in the early morning when the air was silent save for the sounds of the sea. The slick sand was a rich gray of browns. The iridescent sea was a pearly golden white with hints of pink, blue, green. Darker than the sea was the blue foam of the rolling waves. The foam cascaded towards me with the sound of distant thunder, then ceased. The sea withdrew with the hiss of poured soda.

The horizon disappeared into the soft hazy sky. All at once a glowing globe emerged from the light mist. A perfect crisp circle of scarlet surrounded by a soft pink halo. The vivid pulsating sphere of color increased in intensity by the second. With a gasp that the color snatched from my throat, I stared directly, relentlessly into the red sun that quivered above the sea.

When at last the spell broke, I walked over the shifting sand up to the solid street. My back was to the sunrise. A turquoise circle danced before my eyes. The windows of the apartments lining the street began as gray, but as I moved closer, large swathes of pure gold emerged, shining in all its effulgence. The gold swirled up and down the glass, shaking with my steps, striking my eyes with a force that pushed me backwards. I stopped, then forced myself forward, and the windows morphed into smooth lustrous sheets of copper as I watched through the fading lens of turquoise, the remembrance of a sunrise.

#sunrise #beach #sea #morning #waves #red #light #color #afterimage #reflection #art

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