Price: $80.00

Medium: watercolor, acrylic, and marker on paper

Dimensions: apprx. 5 x 6.5 in. 

In this painting of an orange round, the letters encircling the fruit are labels that my mind assigns to questions that people ask me. I tend to think by visualizing written or typed text in front of my eyes, and I form labels and categories for what I see and hear; this is a way for me to make sense out of the world. 


For example, HSPFSQ means Hidden Statement Presented in the Form of a Subjective Question. QBIP means Question Based on an Invalid Premise. 

As a child I mistakenly interpreted all questions and answers as being fully objective. This became too confusing and problematic, so when I was 12, I began dividing questions into categories of Objective and Subjective. As my ability to understand questions improved over time, I added many more categories, and created formulaic procedures that I followed to determine the proper answer for each question I was asked. Now, as an adult, I still have my categories, but I am no longer reliant on them as a way of understanding and relating to the world.

If you would like an explanation of the meaning of each group of letters written in this painting, you can contact me about it.

© 2017 by Rebecca Giles.