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Price: $190

Medium: watercolor and collage

Dimensions: 8.5 x 11 in. 

This painting is framed.

In this piece, titled "Cacophony," I used watercolors to paint a bottle of dish detergent, a bottle of strawberry drink, a jar of orange marmalade, and a Windex spray bottle, in a highly realistic manner. I then printed out photographs of the labels on these items, cut out the labels, and glued them onto the painted items. I then cut out the paintings and glued them onto a background of text printed on cardstock. The text was taken from the front and back labels of the items pictured. The bold text reads, "Where can we find solitude and quiet to think in the cacophony of modern culture?" "I sit alone with inanimate objects, yet they do not leave me in silence; they scream text into my face and my brain."

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